It’s hard to believe, but some politicians are taking away lanes from the streets YOU DRIVE. They're pursuing an anti-car agenda without thinking through the realities or the consequences. They’re creating even more gridlock, smog, unsafe conditions and stress. (Did you know that idling cars in traffic creates MORE pollution in your neighborhood? It's true.) 

Additionally, local businesses get hurt by this agenda, as many try to avoid the gridlocked areas. A number of businesses on Rowena have reported to us that their revenues are less that they used to be before the road diet—despite the stronger economy! All this, because some politicians don’t want you driving your car.

"Safe Streets for Silver Lake" is a coalition of neighbors that came together in the fall of 2015, to stand up to this insanity. Angelenos need logistically viable regional transit options, safe bike routes on less critical streets, and roads that work. 

We understand and agree on the need to allow for those who want to bike. Additionally, with scooters arriving in the City, the need for safe transit is even more necessary for those who don't want to use a car. But at the same time, we must demand that the City and our Mayor take into account ALL of this, and not just remove traffic lanes without addressing the continued needs of those who must use their cars. Like it or not, a majority of people in this City still need their cars.

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We believe it's vital to have a safe neighborhood for all residents. Our mission and work is in support of this goal, for the northern section of Silver Lake that is a major commuter transit route. 

We support all modes of transportation and options, but no one option should be at the expense of others, or at the expense of others' real safety. This means, the current road diet configuration on Rowena should be evaluated properly. The recently completed Kimley-Horn Traffic Study does that. Therefore, how Rowena should change—if it should change at all—must be up to all residents.


Safe Streets for Silver Lake

Waverly Drive

Los Angeles, CA 90039